About Us

Assistance and support of mental wellness in times of distress, through communication from one person to another, using purposely designed socks.

Three pairs of feet in Succor socks

Succor is a sock company with a focus on bright, purposeful and energetic designs aimed at assisting mental wellness.

This idea started when Mike and Russ caught up for a beer after not seeing each other for a number of years. Mike was telling Russ how he suffers with Bipolar and BPD and what impact it has on his day to day life. Russ brought up a concept of how he wears superman socks to battle his business meeting anxiety as the make him feel powerful heading into the meeting.

Fast forward 3 months to 25th of Feb 2017, Mike hit rock bottom, breaking up with a long term partner, having family issues, losing his job. This left him feeling suicidal and he went to get help from an hospital emergency department. 

He was treated poorly and given a number to ring, he left the hospital broken, and the thought of how many others have hit this hurdle as well while trying to seek help. Mike reached out to a close friend and opened up about his whole experience, that conversation he had and the support he received from his friend is the reason why he is alive today.

Using Russ's concept of socks, Mike started to wear a pair of crazy bright socks and go running and exercising, people would often comment on his socks, and the answer he gave was "I wear these socks as they give me good vibes, I suffer with depression and they make me feel happy". This opened up conversation with other people who suffer with mental illness. 

This daily routine got people talking, something that we know people find hard with all the stigma around it. Mike and Russ met again and got our third succor owner on board Peter. He is a like minded individual who has a passion for helping business's who help others.

We want to make a difference on peoples lives, get people talking by creating a brand that represents our values of just a simple conversation can save a life.